Every man becomes what he thinks about.

A brief intro

Colombian Designer since 2008, I am a perfectionist who loves to design with simplicity and clean lines. I discovered a strong interest in web design years ago. I studied and worked in Colombia, Argentina & Canada, always trying to improve my skills while remaining faithful to the W3C .

My Approach to design is a blend between my studies and my love for art. Through my studies I learned to appreciate and engage with graphic design, corporate identity, advertising, packaging, product design, typography, illustration, photography, video & audio editing, copywriting and much more.

My love of Art enables me to showcase these skills in a beautiful way.

My constant search for improvement within myself, I find interesting equilibrium that identifies the design with creativity and science. “Thoughts become Reality”.

Minimalist and Futbol lover, I also believe in the philosophy “LESS IS MORE”, I play with words, visuals, sound, touch, taste and smell with the idea of taking everything around me and transforming it into projects made of paper and pixels, this makes me a walking box full of ideas!






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